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Beta75X 3S Tiny Whoop Quadcopter

2 minute read

I have always been interested in Radio Controlled cars, airplanes, and later in this new trend with drones! Not these drones that follow you or use GPS to fi...

Unreal Engine 4.1 Git Plugin alpha

1 minute read

So at last I’ve started implementing an open source C++ Git Source Control Plugin (Github) for Unreal Engine 4.1.

Objectives of this blog

1 minute read

My goals for this blog has not been really clear for me. I bought the domain name when I registered as a Google Android Developer only because a Web site add...

Mercurial to replace SVN

1 minute read

For what I’ve seen in the last few month, it seems that Mercurial (Hg), a Distributed Version Control System (DVCS, or Distributed Source Code Management) is...


less than 1 minute read

Welcome to this blog, where I would like to share, as a developer, some of my experiences in Android development.