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Power Shell cheat sheet

1 minute read

I figured that I should keep track of some useful command-line tools that I am learning, so I’ll write down them as blog posts and keep updating them.

DIY building an RC plane from Depron

3 minute read

The idea to build my own quadcopter drone, or my own RC plane, has always been tempting. My main issue was the lack of a dedicated space to build, and more i...

I Joined Unity!

less than 1 minute read

Hey, I have joined Unity Technologies as a Senior Software Engineer in the VCS Integrations team, part of DevOps! A significant part of my mission will be to...

Beta75X 3S Tiny Whoop Quadcopter

2 minute read

I have always been interested in Radio Controlled cars, planes, and later in this new trend with drones! Not these drones that follow you or use GPS to film ...

I Joined Darewise Entertainment!

less than 1 minute read

I joined Darewise Entertainment as a Senior Software Engineer in the tech team, to develop an announced game. I will be working with Unreal Engine 4 and Spat...

Git Plugin v2.2 for Unreal Engine 4.17

2 minute read

I have just released a new v2.2 of the Git Source Control Provider plugin for Unreal Engine 4.17 with many bugfixes backported from upcoming UE versions!

Unreal Engine 4.1 Git Plugin alpha

1 minute read

So at last I’ve started implementing an open source C++ Git Source Control Plugin (Github) for Unreal Engine 4.1.

Objectives of this blog

1 minute read

My goals for this blog has not been really clear for me. I bought the domain name when I registered as a Google Android Developer only because a Web site add...

CMake for Android

less than 1 minute read

WIP: see CMake for Android (archive)

Ogre3D to Android

less than 1 minute read

WIP: see Ogre3D to Android (archive)

Mercurial to replace SVN

1 minute read

For what I’ve seen in the last few month, it seems that Mercurial (Hg), a Distributed Version Control System (DVCS, or Distributed Source Code Management) is...

Mind The Robot

less than 1 minute read

WIP: see Mind The Robot (archive)


less than 1 minute read

Welcome to this blog, where I would like to share, as a developer, some of my experiences in Android development.