Showcase of a few of my Github repositories

Unreal Engine


  • SQLiteC++ (repo): a smart an easy to use C++ wrapper to the SQLite3 library. SQLite logo
  • SimplexNoise: A Perlin’s Simplex Noise C++ Implementation (1D, 2D, 3D). 1 octave of 2D Simplex Noise 2D image of fractal noise with 7 octaves of 2D Simplex Noise (from my SimplexNoiseCImg example project)
  • shared_ptr (repo): a minimal light and fast shared_ptr implementation designed to handle cases where boost/std::shared_ptr are not available. Shared Pointer UML

  • LoggerC++ (repo): a simple, elegant and efficient C++ logger library.
  • HtmlBuilder: a simple C++ HTML DOM generator (used in a couple embedded webservice). HTML5 logo