Unreal Engine 4.11 Plastic SCM Source Control Provider

less than 1 minute read

I have been working hard for the past month to develop a new Unreal Engine 4 Source Control plugin (Github) for Plastic SCM (think modern Perforce with efficient and understandable GUI and very powerful branching management, with some Git interoperability).

I’ve been using my previous work (blog) on the Git Plugin for Unreal Engine 4 (Github): (now officially integrated in Engine (blog)) to get the infrastructure work in a short time. Then I had to refactor a lot of it since the workflow of Plastic SCM is nothing like Git.

So here I am with a third alpha release (Github), now already stable and useful:

  • status icons for assets
  • check-out files
  • add, rename, delete asset files
  • check-in
  • history log of an asset
  • Visual Diff of Blueprints


Disclaimer: I’ve done this work for Codice Software, the company behind Plastic SCM.

Edit: Announcement post in the Community Content section of Unreal Engine forums (UE forums). This thread has been updated with each subsequent releases of the plugin.